Sell myself out.

Okej. Smutna chwila kiedy ojciec musi sprzedać swoje dzieci (nawet jesli adoptowane) na badania labolatoryjne. Ale musze. 

Dlatego poniżej znajduje się lista tych które chciałbym aby auratowały reszte swoich braci i sióstr: 

Ghost world pl
Lapinot pl
Życie w obrazkach pl
Road to perdition tom 1 & 2 angielskie
Josel pl 
Batman Hush komplet  pl
Pan smierc i dziewczyna pl

Oraz ewentualnie

Paul Pope Batman 100 Years
Punisher Essential 1 Polski oraz 2 i 3 angielskie. 


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I'm not posting number 12 in "fourth week" it's so bad I don't see a point to do so. 

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First, I would like to apologize for the quality of this and upcoming strips. I admit that I fucked. I sketched them and didn't save time to rewrite or redrawn them. 

So this and new ink and brushes gaved a thing I'm not satisfied. I'm not even feeling relief that they are on time.

As I realized titling  this in 1/3 of all work I should done. And as seen above the point of making them (to improve myself both as a creator and as a conractor) is failed. 


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Kto znajdzie dwie nieścisłości ma piwo. 


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And for those who like that kind of thing's. Alternate take: http://yfrog.com/1aglassholderalterj




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